400-Year-Old Ancient Secret Revealed After Heavy Droughts Drain A Mexican Lake

Droughts cause water levels to drop, which is not a good thing. Droughts in southern Mexico, on the other hand, have exposed an intriguing secret: The Temple of Santiago is an ancient temple that dates back 400 years. Tourists and residents can now visit the mid-16th-century colonial church due to receding water levels in the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir.

Linda Napolitano Case: MUFON Director Called It ‘Authentic Case Of Human Abductions By Aliens’

Linda Napolitano’s (or Linda Cortile’s) case is one of the most significant UFO incidents. The claimed abduction of Linda Cortile in 1989, known colloquially as “The Manhattan Alien Abduction” or “The Brooklyn Bridge Case,” is even more contentious and even suspicious to many.

Dragon Man Skull Could Be New Human Species That Lived 146,000 Years Ago In China

A new study of a decades-old skull has sparked a discussion about human history’s beginnings. Scientists have been astounded by a human skull with an enlarged head unearthed in China in the 1930s. They were obliged to think that another human species existed at least 146,000 years ago due to the discovery.